Vincent Price Double Release

Today marks the release of two Vincent Price movies from Kino Lorber, both new to Blu-ray.



When horror star Paul Toombes’ fiancé is brutally killed, he loses more than this job… he also loses his mind. But twelve years after suffering a nervous breakdown, the washed-up horror legend agrees to do a TV-series based on his old screen creation, the monstrous Dr. Death . Soon the cast and crew of the series begin dying in ways similar to the deaths the characters suffered in the actor’s old movies.


  • Eleven minute-long featurette called The Revenge Of Dr. Death: Making Madhouse
  • Commentary from film historian and Vincent Price expert David Del Valle
  • Trailers

Ian Jane over at DVD Talk says “Madhouse isn’t the best of the golden age of British horror but it’s still a very fine picture made by a solid director with a superb cast. There’s some effective dark humor here in amongst the more traditional horror elements and the end result is a whole lot of fun. Kino’s Blu-ray provides an update over the last DVD release that is both welcome and needed, and it throws in few interesting extra features as well. Recommended.”



A traveling magic act performed by Felix Manderville and his wife Rebecca acts as a front for a white slavery ring, in which they kidnap young women and force them into prostitution.


Justin Remer of DVD Talk says “House of 1000 Dolls fails to shock and it fails to tease. It has its enjoyable moments, but they are few and far between. Hardcore fans of classic exploitation and Vincent Price will love the new audio commentary accompanying the film, but unless you’re a completist, I say Rent It.”

I do not own a copy of House of 1,000 Dolls and although it probably doesn’t garner the best reviews, I would still love to pick this one up when it drops a bit in price.


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