Witchcraft ~ Magic: An Adventure in Demonology

In the late sixties, Vincent narrated a spoken-word album titled Witchcraft ~ Magic: An Adventure in Demonology. As one can assume from the title, this album is basically a discussion of the world of witchcraft and the occult. From what I’ve gathered, it clocks in at about 105 minutes, which may seem a bit long, but with Vincent Price narrating it, what’s not to love?


This set consists of historical accounts of the occult, witchcraft, and devil worship. One of the chapters is titled Hitler and Witchcraft. Over at horrorpedia, David Flint says: “Price seems to have fun with the more lurid descriptions, his voice and (most likely) tongue in cheek attitude giving a gleefully macabre and somewhat leering tone to lines like “fornication with the Devil, child sacrifice, feasts of rotting human flesh” and “the tearing of her flesh with pincers, her body broken on the wheel, her fingernails ripped off, her feet thrust into a fire, whatever horrors the twisted mind of the hangman could devise” in the two part section entitled ‘Witch Tortures’.” Sounds like a wonderful time, don’t you think?


There is also a how-to guide, with sections on how to invoke spirits, how to make a pact with the devil, and spells and curses. I imagine Vincent had a blast with this album!

Witchcraft ~ Magic: An Adventure in Demonology  seems to be pretty rare. I’ve seen it on Amazon before but it’s always been expensive. I’d love to find it on vinyl. While surely not for everyone, any Price fan would love to have it.


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