Talking with Jenny of Silver Screen Suppers

At the beginning of the year, I said I wanted to do something different with this blog. One of the things I mentioned was interviews, so I’m excited to be posting my first one with the lovely Jenny Hammerton, owner of the awesome blog Silver Screen Suppers.  Make sure you check out her blog. Here we go!


First of all, thanks for agreeing to do this interview with me. I love your blog, Silver Screen Suppers. How much fun is it to run a blog where you post all these wonderful recipes? It must be awesome getting to test them all! 

Thanks, so glad you enjoy my blog, it’s a lot of fun to write. I am totally obsessed with what the stars of the silver screen liked to eat and drink, and I LOVE trying out their favorite recipes.  It’s always an adventure.  Sometimes the recipes work, and I scoff the lot with great glee.  Occasionally though, the recipes fail, and to be honest, that can be even more fun.  What I really enjoy, is making these dishes for friends, seeing what they think of them, and writing about the experience of sharing them on my blog.  My worst ever film star recipe was Ginger Rogers’ Date Butterscotch Pudding.  It was early days for my blog (2007) and it really makes me laugh to read the post about what my flat-mates thought of this dish.  It brings back such vivid memories of the house I was living in, and the wonderful women I was sharing it with at the time.  We had so much fun.   Ginger Rogers Date Butterscotch Pudding–Silver Screen Suppers

 You have posted a lot of Vincent Price recipes over the years. He seems to be your favorite celebrity chef. Can you tell us why that is? 

Vincent is 100%, without any doubt, my favorite.  He was such an amazing man, and such an amazing cook.  What I really love about Vincent is his deep-seated conviction that cooking and sharing food with friends could be absolutely magical.  He encouraged everyone who read his cookbooks to try something new, to experiment, and to make dinner with friends a joyful occasion. His International Cooking Course LP records are the best illustration of this.  Whenever I am cooking Indian food, I think of Vincent’s advice to wear lots of bangles and to burn incense to create the right atmosphere!  He had such style, and absolutely knew how to throw an unforgettable dinner party.

 If you had to pick one Vincent Price recipe to make for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

This is a very tricky question!  There are so many of Vincent’s recipes that I love, and the answer to this would probably change over time because I will never stop trying Vincent’s recipes – fact!  Right now though, I think it would have to be Chicken in Pineapple from A Treasury of Great Recipes, the amazing cookbook Vincent wrote with his wife Mary. 
The fabulous thing about Chicken in Pineapple is, that you serve the finished dish IN a pineapple.  When I made this for the first time, I was single.  It took me a long time to do all the steps involved in making it, and then I served it up to myself in a very ceremonious style.  Chicken in Pineapple for one.  It tickled me.  I think it’s very therapeutic sometimes to cook yourself something very extravagant.  For me this is the ultimate.


Have you ever had any mishaps when following along with a Vincent Price recipe?

Only once.  I blame myself for this, not Vincent though. His recipes really and truly feel thoroughly tested, and have never failed me, apart from this one time.  I’ve probably followed around 150 of his recipes with only one mishap. I decided to make a birthday cake for my friend, fellow food blogger, Battenburg Belle.  She is such an amazing baker, that I think I got the fear about trying to make her a cake, and made a mess of it.  But to be honest, I always feel in safe hands with Vincent, apart from when it comes to Danish Apple Cake.


Lastly, do you have any plans on doing another Vincent Price Cookalong this year?

I would so love to host another Vincent Price Cookalong.  I’ve done two now and they were so much fun.  Cooks from around the world, making the favorite recipes from the Master of Menace himself, and writing about them was such a joyful thing.  Maybe another one for Halloween 2016?  Here are the links to the Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong I hosted in 2013 as part of the Vincentennial celebrations:
and here’s the link to the cookalong which celebrated the launch of the 50th anniversary edition of A Treasury of Great Recipes by Mary and Vincent Price in November last year:


Thanks so much for doing this interview, Jenny. I really appreciate it. 😊



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