My Thoughts on The Book of Joe


The Book of Joe is a lovely little book. To start things off, there is a brand new preface written by Victoria Price. There is a paragraph within that preface in which she said something that made me smile because it is so true: I am not the first person to believe that dogs crack open our hearts in ways that other human beings sometimes can’t, just by being totally present and loving unconditionally, no matter what. In doing so, they help us to be better people.

The book begins with a wonderful paragraph in which Vincent says “This is a tale of how I went to the dogs, or to be numerically correct, to the dog. Now please do not expect this book to end with a glorious proclamation of rehabilitation. Not a chance. After fourteen years I’m incurably hooked on, intoxicated by, and addicted to- my dog, Joe.” He then goes on to tell us the story of how he found his best friend Joe.

You can just tell by the way Vincent spoke of Joe that he truly, truly loved him. I think he felt the way I, along with a lot of others, do when it comes to dogs: they are more than pets. If you have a dog, they are family and they hold a very special place in your heart. I literally said “aw” a few different times while reading this book.

There are stories of Joe roaming the canyon looking for females, where he would sometimes stay gone for three to four days! I would be crazy with worry. But Joe knew where home was, and that was where Vincent was.

I’ll wrap this up now. If you love dogs, I highly recommend The Book of Joe, but not just because Vincent wrote it. It is  a true testament of a pure, sweet love for a dog. As usual with dogs, Joe was the king of his castle and he sat upon the throne of Vincent’s heart.



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